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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for 2022 to Lower EMFs and Improve Health

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The holidays are upon us and I can't help but notice the ever-expanding number of tech gadgets flashing across my social media feed this year. Most people will happily (or out of a sense of obligation) purchase the latest-greatest tech gadget for their loved ones, without ever taking into account the ways in which these items can lower health and vitality.

In this blog I'm going to lay out a short explanation of why you would be wise to consider the downsides of giving this type of gift. Then, I will lay out what I consider to be quality alternatives; those that promote health, wellness, and a reconnection to nature and lower exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution. And don't worry, I won't be recommending you sell all your worldly possessions and join an Amish community. Nor will you find any tinfoil hats on the list either!

So, why do I think most tech gifts are harmful? In a nutshell, anything that plugs in, runs on battery, transmits wirelessly, or emits light is potentially problematic. These types of devices have only been on the scene in the last 130 years, and Darwin told us that this simply isn't enough time to get used to and adapt in a beneficial way to anything new. He also told us that 'conditions of existence' (things around us in the environment) were the strongest driver of change. Since the inclusion of these devices in the world, I would argue that the only notable changes we are seeing are skyrocketing disease rates for a multitude of ailments. Look no further than the fantastic work by Dr. Sam Milham, Dirty Electricity, who spent his career as a physician-epidemiologist studying the electrification of the world, and what he called "The Diseases of Civilization". If you are more medically or science minded, you could look at NHAINES data since the turn of the 20th century to see this rise in various diseases. It seems clear to me that as technology has propagated in the world, so has disease. It's not the sole cause, but it is certainly related. For further contemplation on the topic, please see the following:

Please read on and know that I have tested all of these items, use most of them daily, and believe that they have improved my health and wellness, all while lowering my EMF pollution exposure!

Top 10 Holiday Gifts to Lower EMF Exposure and Improve Health

1. Custom Blue Blocking Glasses from Optimal Dwelling Spaces LLC

custom made blue blocking glasses

Why this is cool: We spend the majority of our waking hours these days indoors bathed in light coming from manmade bulbs and screens. These alien suns destroy the proper circadian timing in our bodies (see study links above). Chaos and inflammation are the result. Best case, you are experiencing poor sleep, worst case, your growth and metabolism pathways are no longer linked to your circadian rhythm, opening the doorway to cancer. Particularly during the low-light times of the year, the type of lighting you allow is key for maintaining health. It is difficult to get away from this light, so protection from the light that hits your eyes with blue blocking glasses is a great solution. Many blue blockers available on the market today simply don't perform well enough (clear or orange lenses) or look terrible. ODS has solved both of these issues by letting you select from thousands of frame styles and using industrial grade tinting dyes from BPI, guaranteed to block light frequencies shown in the medical research to be of greatest benefit. Start experiencing better sleep and overall health today! On sale for the holidays, $99 for your selected frames.

2. Native EMF "Wireless Keyboard"

low EMF keyboard

Why this is cool: lowering your EMF exposure while on the computer is a key way to protect your health. Distance from computer is the best way to achieve this, generally speaking. Wireless keyboards using BlueTooth frequencies are not a quality solution for this unfortunately, as they add radiation similar to that of cell phones and WiFi to our environment. Even a low-tech wired keyboard allows little fingers of electricity (AC electric fields) to come down the cable, onto the keys, and into your body. Enter the Native IR (infrared) wireless keyboard, which recently made it into our top 5 hacks for a low-EMF office. These guys have really cracked the code and combined a safe wireless technology (invisible, infrared light, like from 1980's era TV remotes) with a remote keyboard. With this keyboard, a wireless disconnect between you and your computer is safely created and the resulting distance protects you from the AC electric fields inherent in all computing devices.

**Be sure to use coupon code ODS15 for a discount at checkout

3. Earth Runners Footwear

Earth Runner Sandals

Why this is cool: You've probably heard of earthing, or grounding, whereby you touch bare skin to the soil, grass, water or sand, and are connected to the Earth's limitless supply of free electrons. There are some very interesting studies out there linking earthing to lowered inflammation and oxidative stress, reduced blood pressure and viscosity, reduced cortisol, improved mood, better sleep, normalized circadian rhythm, and reduced pain and fatigue.

Earth Runners is great because sometimes it is not always comfortable to be bare footed on the ground. They integrate a copper plug and thin stainless steel strands into their sandals so that you can maintain earth connection on the go. Reconnecting to native EMFs like touching bare soil is a positive practice and helps counteract the soup of EMF pollution we are swimming in these days. I've had a pair of these for over a year now and they have performed fantastically on many types of terrain. The grip is great, I love the zero heel drop, and knowing I can get the benefits of earthing while they are on is fantastic.

4. and 5. Sperti Vitamin D and EMR-Tek Photobiomodulation Lights

EMR-Tek and Sperti Lights
My current photobiomodulation setup

Why this is cool: As discussed above, the light you allow your body to absorb is a key driver of health. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere above the yellow line in the image below, you can't walk out your door and get strong, full-spectrum sunlight year round. Many of us above the line are well aware of the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), caused by a dearth of full-spectrum sunlight in our lives during the winter and early spring. Depression and low energy are key symptoms of this disorder. If you've every had the luxury to hop on a plane midwinter and head to Mexico, you'll appreciate the profound effect full-spectrum sunlight has on mood, energy and overall health. So if you are not easily and frequently able to hop on that plane, the next best solution is to improve your light diet by emulating sunlight in your local environment. The two lights listed above, when used in tandem present a safe way to increase your intake of infrared and ultraviolet light during the winter. The EMR-Tek lights have been designed to be low EMF, including low flicker (both big problems with manmade lighting). Red and infrared frequencies of light are well studied to be healing and regenerative, plus they will balance any harsh effects of the Vitamin D light. As the name suggests, the Sperti lamp has been shown in lab tests to raise vitamin D levels in your body. This is fantastic, as Vitamin D is a major co-factor in overall immunity and health. It has been tied to better outcomes with viruses, including covid.


EMR-Tek (link includes 10% discount code!!!)

winter full spectrum sunlight cutoff map
above the yellow line does not experience full-spectrum sunlight during winter and early spring

6. DIY Cold Thermogenesis Tub

Ice bath

Why this is cool: Cold Thermogenesis or CT or ice bathing, is a popular biohack these days. And for good reason, check out my list of health benefits here. I feel reinvigorated after this polar plunge and the anti-inflammatory effects are readily apparent. Save yourself thousands over the ready-made kits while still getting the benefits. Getting to the river, lake, or ocean is the best way to do this, but sometimes those sources are too cold or too far away. So check out my Youtube video outlining the setup including product links. Its easier than you might think! And 'ice bath' is a bit of a misnomer, research shows that you only have to be in water approximately 55 degrees F to experience the many benefits of this biohack.

7. Read Up!

EMF books

Why this is cool: Good old fashioned paper books enrich our minds and don't add any EMF exposure. Here are four fantastic books that will help raise your awareness around EMFs, their presence in the modern world, and the well-studied, detrimental effects on human health and wellness.

  • The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker- Becker lays out the intrinsic DC electric system inside our own bodies, the role it plays in health and regeneration, and how manmade EMFs interfere.

  • The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg- A fascinating history about the development of manmade EMFs, how they affect all life, and current concerns like 5G satellite coverage of the entire globe.

  • Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham- Physician-epidemiologist unpacks relationship between manmade EMFs from utility power lines, and their relationship to 'disease clusters'.

  • The Epi-Paleo Rx by Dr. Jack Kruse- Dr. Kruse lays out an excellent blueprint synthesized from multiple disciplines like quantum physics, neuroscience, and modern medicine in a new way for addressing the diseases of modern civilization and maintaining health and wellness.

8. Iris Software

Iris screen filtering software

Why this is cool: Iris is software available for Apple and PC laptops and desktops (not tablets or phones) that allows you to control your exposure to harmful frequencies of blue light, as well as the flicker emitted by all tech screens. As with the blue blocking glasses (item #1 above), protecting ourselves from extreme amounts of isolated blue light (strongest frequencies of light emitted from manmade screens and bulbs) is key to maintaining a strong circadian rhythm, and ultimately, good health. While Apple, Microsoft, and others are now offering modes that reduce blue light (Nightshift, Twilight, Dark Mode), these don't begin to approach the level of mitigation that Iris will provide you. Definitely spring for the paid version, giving you more flexibility and features to protect yourself.

9. Intention Design Tripod Standing Desk

Intention Design tripod standing desk

Why this is cool: Get the healthy benefits of being outdoors even while you are working. While I do recommend being outside while unplugged from tech devices, sometimes that is just not possible. This fantastically crafted tripod is made for supporting a laptop in multiple positions. Great for taking outside, and easy to move if you want to be more in the sun or more in the shade. Plus, it is lightweight, and simple to move up or down depending upon if you feel like sitting or standing. Join it with an ethernet, non-wireless internet connection (as pictured) and you are killing it from a low-EMF perspective!!!

10. Safe Sleep Switch

Safe sleep switch installed by electrical panel

Why this is cool: Sleep is THE key time for regenerative, healing processes to occur in our bodies. Protecting our sleeping times is of huge benefit in this day and age of rapidly increasing EMF exposures. Any qualified Building Biologist will spend a large amount of time addressing your sleeping areas during an EMF inspection, to ensure that it is truly a sleep sanctuary. One of the primary ways this is accomplished is through mitigation of AC electric and magnetic fields coming from the electrical wiring in your walls. Many times these types of EMF pollution are lowered via manipulation of circuit breakers at your electrical panel. Turning off certain circuit breakers that flow power to and around your sleeping areas will generally reduce the electric and magnetic field pollution to safe levels. Unfortunately, it is a real pain to walk downstairs or out into the cold garage right before bedtime every night. Fortunately, the folks at EMF Safe Inc. have developed a 'Safe Sleep Switch' which is installed at your electrical panel by an electrician and is easily toggled on or off from a small keyfob remote from the comfort of your bedroom. The remote transmits a small signal to the transponder at the panel only while you touch the button. Start experiencing better sleep with the brilliant design of the Safe Sleep Switch. I've also included a link below to book one of my EMF consultive services to help you identify the exact breakers that should be addressed by the Switch (its not always as straightforward as the ones labeled 'master bedroom', for example). Check out my simple video of the switch in action at a client's home.

sleeping baby

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As mentioned above, I have tested and verified that all of the items in this list are health promoting, and lower EMF exposures. In some cases, I have setup affiliate links with the respective companies. I would not have done this if I did not personally use and recommend the products.

If you found this guide helpful, please support my continued work and writing around EMF with a donation. Thanks so much!


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