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Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

Sleep is a key time for regenerative body processes.  High quality sleep is a must for top performance and long term health.  

In today's world, sleep is under attack!

All kinds of stressors are coming at us every day: Tech screens, caffeine, kids, work, and even the electricity running through our walls.  


It may shock you, but there is energy flowing through your home pulsing up and down 60 times per second, and it is incredibly disruptive to sleep.   

One of the most impactful services I provide during a home EMF inspection is to trace this artificial energy in the sleeping areas, identifying which circuits bring electricity around the beds.  


Once we know that, they can be disabled during sleeping times, either manually or at the push of a button, as describe in these videos.


Creating a sleep sanctuary is something my clients rave about!  Their sleep quality is improved within weeks.  

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