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educational EMF presentation

EMF Educational Videos

EMFs are new to most people, so a big focus of my work is education.  From 5G to dirty electricity and beyond, there is so much to be aware of.  As a result, I've started to make presentations and webinars a focus so that more people can be reached with this crucial information.  Scroll down to view my growing library of these offerings.  Click on each image for the video.  This is a terrific way to cut through the noise and boost your awareness on this important topic.  

My YouTube Channel!

Are you looking for more bite-sized chunks of useful EMF info?  Then click on the link below for my YouTube page.  You'll find many videos there across a wide range of topics and play

Optimal Dwelling Space's YouTube channel

Podcast Interview with Dr. Paul Thomas

This week, we meet Shane Reilly, a building biologist specializing in electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution identification and mitigation in residential and commercial settings. He breaks down everything we need to know about EMFs, walking through extensive research and the specific vulnerabilities children have to EMF exposure. Shane also dives into the concerning implications of 5G deployment. This is an informative discussion that you don’t want to miss!


My 10-Minute elevator pitch on EMF, 5G, and why you should care

I cover the following questions and concepts in this brief video:

* How long have EMFs been around?

* What do they look like in my home?

* My personal story of hardship that led me into Building Biology

* What is 5G, and is it dangerous?

* Best ways to influence your community for 5G

* 5G isn't the only EMF to worry about in your home

5G Presentation
Dead Sea

Webinar: EMFs 101 - Health Hazards of Technology

New to EMFs?  This is a great place to start.  In this 90-minute webinar with Dr. Anne Hill ND and Building Biologist Shane Reilly, you will learn about EMF basics, how they relate to health, and what you can do to reduce your exposures.  Click the image below for the video link.

EMF education webinar invite
White Structure

How to Reduce EMF in your Home: Ashland, OR Presentation February 2022

I took the EMF-show on the road to join a presentation put on by 5G Free Oregon and Oregon 4 Safe Technology in Southern Oregon in early 2022.  I covered the following topics:

  • The electromagnetic spectrum 

  • Artificial versus natural EMFs 

  • Major types of artificial EMFs in the home 

    • Light 

    • Wireless (radiofrequency) 

    • AC electric 

    • AC magnetic 

    • Dirty electricity 

  • The dangers of “smart” and energy efficient homes 

  • How to reduce your EMF exposures 

    • Reconnecting to natural EMF 

    • The inverse square law 

    • Recommended detection meters 

    • External threats 

    • Wireless 

    • Airplane mode 

    • Extended use areas 

    • Sleeping areas 

    • Professional EMF consulting and inspection services

There was so much interest from the Ashland community!  Click the image below to view the video and up your EMF awareness.

Presenting about EMF in Ashland, OR
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