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Get my EMF Guides Plus 3 FREE Bonuses!

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These guides comprise 30+ pages of relevant info you need to understand EMF radiation and what to do about it in your home.  

  • Where does EMF come from?

  • How does it get into my home?

  • What does medical research tell us about EMF?

  • Ways to reduce it in your kitchen, office, bedroom and other key areas

  • My recommended testing meters

  • Links to products, videos and other resources to help you clean up your home

  • Learn why I don't recommend phone shielding cases

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My Email Quick Start Series

This is a series of 7 emails highlighting the key topics everyone should know about regarding EMF.  Topics include:

  • The Worst Sources of EMF in your Home

  • My EMF Journey

  • Debilitating Symptoms of EMF Exposure

  • Are EMFs the New Smoking?

  • 5G: What to Know and What to Do

  • How to Shop for a Low-EMF Home

  • 5 Easy Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure at Home

These emails will arrive in your inbox every few days.

FREE BONUS #2: The Best EMF Blog in 2022

My blog will bring you the most pressing EMF issues to be aware of in concise, actionable emails.  From the politics of Verizon lobbying your city council for 5G towers to home wiring errors and problem devices I find everyday in my client's homes, you're going to love the information.  Check out the image for a sampling of the content.

EMF Articles
Online Meeting

FREE BONUS #3: Discovery Call with an EMF Specialist

Most people have many questions when they first fall into the EMF rabbit-hole.  Let's talk about them during this 15-minute intro session.  You can share what's on your mind, and I can give you my insights and recommendations.  

Here's what one Client had to Say about my EMF knowledge...

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There is so much to know about electromagnetic field radiation these days.  5G, WiFi, dirty electricity, blue light and more.  How can you protect your home and family?!  

Don't worry- I'm going to help you cut through all of the noise on the internet and get down to what really matters; proven ways that I use every day to help my clients reduce their EMF exposures at home and on the go.  

I've put together this package of guides AND support so that you can get up and running making simple, impactful changes in your home so that it can be a place of healing and health.  


*This total value of the two guides and three bonuses normally is $100, but the package can be yours for just $20!*  

What's your biggest EMF blindspot? 

I've built these guides and bonuses after working with hundreds of clients over the last 8 years.  

This has allowed me to identify the biggest blindspots people have around EMF in their homes, as well as the most common questions they ask.

And you can get all the answers and fast-track yourself at the click of a button.  

There's no better way to get up to speed on EMF than this offering!  If you're not totally satisfied, I'll happily refund your $20.

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*This total value of the two guides and three bonuses normally is $100, but the package can be yours for just $20!*  

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