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Create a Healthy Home with an EMF Inspection

Updated: Jul 9

EMF (electromagnetic field) testing is a terrific step on your journey to optimal health. This type of inspection will reveal the invisible energy pollution all modern electrified environments (like your home) have, and educate you on how they effect your family, as well as what you can do to mitigate them and optimize the environment. It is a totally empowering experience!

Here's the Major Topics in this Blog

measuring home voltage levels
Testing Electrical Voltage Levels

The most common reasons people want their homes tested for EMF

  • Have concerns after reading about EMF online; want to be proactive to maintain health.

  • Sudden onset of unexplained, debilitating symptoms like:

  • poor sleep quality

  • aches/pains

  • rashes

  • inflammation

  • brain fog

  • headache

  • tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  • dry/blurry eyes

  • Recent diagnosis of electrohypersensitivity syndrome (EHS), lyme, fibromyalgia, or cancer, and want to ensure they can heal in their home.

  • Recommendation of a doctor, naturopath, or other practitioner.

  • They want the expertise of a professional EMF consultant to guide them.

  • Considering renting or purchasing a home or apartment, and concerned about nearby power lines, cell tower, or simply wanting to find a healthy space for their family.

  • Experiencing an increase in or undesirable level of fatigue at the end of the day.

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Oh, and folks do reach out about yurts, Sprinter vans, offices and many other interesting environments, so for the sake of brevity I will just include these when I use the word 'home' in this blog.

There are many reasons to have a home EMF assessment performed, and you can always schedule a complimentary discovery phone call with me if you have questions.

Why Should I have my Home Inspected for EMFs?

  • All electronic devices emit EMF radiation

  • You are exposed to this environmental toxin around the clock

  • EMF creates a stress response in your body

  • Medical research links EMF exposure to cancer, fertility issues, and neurodegeneration

  • You can't taste, smell, hear, or see EMF; it has to be detected with professional equipment

  • Learn safer ways to use technology and be around electronics

  • The inspection will identify action steps to reduce exposures and improve your health, sleep and performance

  • Ongoing support after the inspection

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Testing EMF net current on home gas pipe

I truly believe you can't get well in the space you got sick in.

In this modern world, maintaining health, as well as healing from disease or injury, requires making changes. Not just to your diet, or supplements, or lifestyle, but also to the energetics of spaces where you spend most of your time. You can spend a lot of money on books, doctors, and pills, only to have positive effects nullified by a toxic space. An EMF inspection will provide the insight and expertise you need to transform your space from toxic to healing.

Incorporation of an EMF consultant is part of a wider strategy for pursuit of optimal health, which involves experts like doctors, environmentalists (mold, air quality), fitness, nutrition, meditation etc.

Exterior EMF home inspection

What types of EMF pollution will be assessed?

Power system EMF (ELF): AC Electric / AC Magnetic / Dirty Electricity

This type of EMF has to do with the power delivery to, and flow of electricity around your home.

Common sources: power lines, wiring errors, appliances, fans, pumps, dimmer switches, LED lights, tech electronics, solar panels, pools, battery backups

Radiofrequency (RF) - AKA Microwaves or Wireless Radiation

This type of EMF comes from anything that sends or receives a signal wirelessly.

Common sources: cellular, BlueTooth, WiFi, smart sensors, smart appliances, smart meters, cell towers, 5G, home security, home automation

Toxic Light Frequencies and Flicker

This type of EMF is from any type of manmade lighting.

Common sources: LED, CFL, fluorescent, tech screens, appliance displays, street lights, car headlights

Worst sources of EMF radiation

How Does an EMF Inspection Work?

The Basics...

Upon arrival my first goal is to understand your situation. What led you to reach out? What would you like to tell me? Is anyone affected? In what ways? Are you working with any other experts? Do you have general questions or specific areas of concern? This generally lasts about 15 minutes.

After that, I will request a quick tour of all areas of the home, including location of the circuit breaker panel(s), wireless internet, water heater, furnace and others.

From there, it is time to move about the exterior and interior of the house to begin assessing exposures for all of the major EMF types. It generally takes 4-6 hours to complete the inspection. Special attention will be paid to areas of extended use such as bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. I will also evaluate the incoming utilities to the home like electrical, telephone, gas, water, cable/internet, as well as the grounding system and electrical panel.

There is usually a lot of ground to cover, so I prefer to focus in and won't be much of a conversationalist during this time. If you have questions, the best time to bring them up is at the beginning or end of the inspection.

From time to time, I will check in with you, and let you know if I've found any major issues.

At the end, we'll have an overview discussion of the findings and recommendations, and within 3-5 working days, you'll have my report outlining: my findings, exposure guidelines, and a remediation action plan.

Please Note...

During the inspection, I will experiment with manipulation of circuit breakers being on and off, as well as wireless devices like WiFi router, TVs, phones, and BlueTooth devices.

Why do I spend the time doing this? Well, strangely enough, disabling devices and circuit breakers in certain configurations, particularly during sleeping times, is one of the easiest and most economical ways to create an optimal low EMF environment.

Turning off communicating devices simulates a wired internet connection (ethernet) and can tell us just how much RF is coming in from the outside vs. inside.

Capturing electrosmog data

Please discuss this process with those that will be home during the inspection to prepare them. An EMF inspection can be disruptive, to anyone working or schooling at home. I'll do my best to coordinate with you prior to turning anything on or off.

Along the same lines, other contractors should not be scheduled at the same time as an EMF inspection.

What Happens After an EMF Inspection?

Once the inspection is complete, I will distill the data & findings into an info-packed summary report and get it to you within 5 working days. I will combine the data from my pre-research into your local area, with my in-home findings. It will show you Building Biology guidelines for the major EMF types, and how your space measured up. With this info you can compare your home and understand how quickly you should take action.

The report will also contain a custom remediation plan with my recommendations on how to reduce your EMF levels. I highly recommend you thoroughly read the report, mark it up with your questions, and discuss with your family as appropriate for their input.

The report can contain a lot of information to go over, so take your time! When you are ready, please schedule your complimentary follow-up call with me. I want to make sure that everything is clear and you feel empowered to make the recommended changes.

Beyond that, I offer a complimentary 3 months of unlimited contact with me after the inspection do discuss the report and remediation process. Some EMF inspectors charge for every contact after the inspection, but not me.

Testing EMF from electrical panel

EMF Remediation Recommendations

As a full-time, professional EMF consultant, I've developed a toolbox of remediation recommendations working with hundreds of clients since 2017.

The report will provide you many actionable steps to optimize your environment. I do my best to include free or low-cost options wherever possible. However, many times specialty materials such as shielding paint, equipment grounding accessories, or even work by an electrician or plumber will be recommended. These do have cost associated with them. In some cases, I do have affiliate relationship with the manufacturer and can provide you with a discount code. As far as the installation goes, I can guide you, or your preferred contractor, in the implementation of these items. In some instances I can perform the work.

I will only recommended quality products that I've tested and have used for my clients to good effect. It is always recommended to verify results after you install any shielding products.

Real Estate EMF Inspection

Real Estate transactions, whether purchasing and renting, are also an important time to test for EMF radiation. I can help you avoid buyer's remorse and find a healthy home. Read more about this by clicking the button:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

My support for your journey to develop and maintain an optimal dwelling space does not end once the home assessment and follow-up call are completed. I am an ongoing resource for clients to answer questions, help in searching for potential new properties, and ensure they are educated about the ever changing landscape of EMF in the modern world. You'll have 3 months of unlimited free contact after your home inspection. After that, we can consult in a variety of ways on a paid basis.

So are you ready to level up in your optimal health journey? Let's move forward together on this road!

You can also check out my reviews online to see what others thought about the home EMF Inspection I did for them. I have very high standards for the work I do and am so happy to have many positive reviews reflecting that. Here are my Google reviews as an example. And here is a recent screen shot of a review left by a satisfied customer:

5-star Google review of my EMF inspection service

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