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Stay Connected and Worry-Free: Discover the Healthiest Baby Monitor on the Market

Updated: Feb 27

Are you a parent looking for a baby monitor that not only keeps you connected with your little one but also prioritizes their health and safety? Look no further! In this article, I will introduce you to the healthiest baby monitor on the market that will give you peace of mind and keep you worry-free.

As an environmental consultant, your family's health is my top priority. I have tested dozens of baby monitors and finally located a cutting-edge monitor that not only allows you to monitor your baby's every move but also takes their health and well-being into consideration.

This monitor is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures a secure and interference-free connection, keeping you connected to your little one at all times. It uses zero wireless radiation, like WiFi, which has been linked to cancer in US government research.

With its user-friendly app and crystal-clear audio and video capabilities, staying connected with your baby has never been easier or more worry-free.

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Common health concerns with baby monitors

The main problem with most baby monitors is that they use wireless radiation, similar to WiFi, to send and receive signals over the air. While this process is invisible to our eyes, it has been well researched and found to be disruptive to our cells and overall health. Read more here. Here's an example of one baby monitor I tested for wireless radiation, you'll be shocked by how high it was. Even worse, the manufacturer claimed it was low-radiation and safe! Shame on them.

Artificial light and baby monitors

Additionally, tech screens such as phones, TVs, laptops and yes, baby monitors, emit an alien spectrum of light compared to nature's gold standard, the sun. They also operate with a visually imperceptible 'flicker'. There is a huge body of research that light from tech screens is also harmful, especially at night. Read more here.

For a video demonstrating this effect, see my video here:

Understanding electromagnetic radiation and its impact

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) is in the fabric of the universe. All life relies upon it, and humans have harnessed it over the last 130 years into stronger and more concentrated forms than this planet has ever seen (electric power grid, radar, nuclear reactors, 2G/3G/4G/5G cell phone tech).

With rates of cancer, ADHD, diabetes, and neurodegeneration climbing in the last few decades, it's clear something has changed in our environment. There are many scientists looking into this with particular focus on EMF, and many strong links have been established to negative health impacts. Read more here.

the electromagnetic spectrum

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Features to look for in a healthy baby monitor

These features will ensure you have the healthiest possible baby monitor:

  • Easy to setup and install

  • User-friendly app

  • Excellent picture quality day or night

  • app access on cell phone, tablet and computer

  • powered by ethernet cable, not power adapter

  • data transfer over ethernet, not wireless

  • minimal artificial light emission

Recommended healthiest baby monitor option

I tested many different cameras to find the healthiest option. It meets all the criteria laid out above. I've put together a video explainer below outlining all of its excellent features, and everything you need to know to use it. Check it out:

Tips for creating a healthy sleep environment for your baby

Although using my recommended baby monitor is a great start, there are many other ways to make sure your baby has a healthy sleeping environment. Here are my top tips:

  1. Keep other forms of wireless radiation out of baby's room. This includes tech that senses wet diapers, monitors baby's pulse/breathing, white noise machines, and BlueTooth speakers, to name a few. And it doesn't have to be in baby's room to be a problem. The WiFi router down the hall? The cell phone on the nightstand in the next room over? All can reach into your baby's room and expose them to high radiation.

  2. Keep it dark in baby's room. Blackout blinds are recommended. Light sources like twinkling string lights or Mobile's shouldn't be used. If you need a night light, a dim, orange/red light is best to protect baby's sleep. This is a good option.

  3. Get a quality wireless detection meter and test baby's room to better understand if and where you have EMF exposures. I recommend this one.

  4. Hire a professional EMF evaluator to check all aspects of EMF exposure in baby's room and even the whole house.

professional EMF inspector Optimal Dwelling Spaces LLC

About the Author

Shane Reilly specializes in creating healthy indoor environments, especially in regards to reducing EMF radiation.

After becoming electrosensitive in 2014 while working as a firefighter-paramedic, he was forced to leave his career and instead launched down a path of discovery about the hidden world of EMFs and dirty electricity.

Several years later, his mother succumbed to an aggressive brain tumor directly linked to cell phone use, inspiring Shane to devote his life to helping people optimize their homes to support a healthy lifestyle and prevent EMF-associated symptoms and diseases.

Shane has received an advanced certification from the Building Biology Institute as an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. He consults with clients and doctors in Portland, Seattle and beyond.

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