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Healthy Home Hazard: White Noise Machines

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Hi! I’m Shane Reilly, a professional EMF (electromagnetic field) inspector and certified Building Biologist. I’ve worked in this field since 2017 in hundreds of homes, vehicles, and offices. I do this work across the US, and I have also helped thousands of people via online consulting.

During a recent home EMF inspection in Seattle, WA, I had an excellent opportunity to compare the radiation profile of two different white noise machines: an older, mechanical style; and a newer battery-powered unit.

Many of the gadgets and appliances in your home that use electrical power have an EMF radiation profile. Even white noise machines can produce EMF radiation, and a surprisingly high amount for such physically small devices. See below for a video demonstration of just how much radiation we are talking about.

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Comparing White Noise Machines

There are two main styles of white noise machines:

* An older, plug-in model that has a fan inside (below right)

* A newer, battery-powered digital model (below left)

plug-in white noise machine
Mechanical plug-in white noise machine

The older style draws electrical current from the wall to spin the fan inside, creating white noise. However, in doing so, an EMF called an AC magnetic field is created. Plus, as a result of being plugged into a charged circuit, there is voltage pressure all along the power cord as well as the chassis of the white noise machine. Voltage pressure can be described as an AC electric field.

The newer style produces sound digitally (not mechanically) and off of a battery (DC current). As a result, unless the unit is charging, there is virtually no EMF radiation to be concerned about.

The differences in these units' engineering makes all the difference in terms of harmful EMF radiation exposure to our bodies.

How Much EMF Radiation Does a White Noise Machine Emit?

Based on the construction of these two machines, we can guess that the mechanical unit will have a much higher radiation profile. But how high will it be? The only way to know is to test the EMF. Here's a demo video I did:

So how bad is 199 milligauss (mG)? Well, according to the Building Biology guidelines, any AC magnetic field over 5 mG is considered extreme and warrants immediate action. If you are within a foot or two of a white noise machine, you will be 40x higher!

What if your baby has been sleeping next to one of these machines? Or you sit next to one at your desk for hours at a time?

My recommendation would be to ditch the mechanical style in favor of a newer digital unit, which you only use near people on battery power. Here's a brand I recommend:

What's a Safe Distance From White Noise Machine EMF?

Here's another video I did showing just how far you need to be from the older style white noise machines to not impact your health. It's really far! Plus, the magnetic field coming from these extends in all directions through walls and floors, so it impacts more than just the room it is plugged into. It is actually creating a big radiation exposure in a large portion of your home.

Lowest EMF Radiation White Noise Machine

Stick with a battery-powered digital white noise machine for lowest EMF radiation exposure. Here's a brand I like:

digital white noise machine
Click image to purchase

EMF Testing Results for white noise machines

If you would like help in making your home healthier, with fewer EMF exposures, I'd recommend you take advantage of my free intro call offer.

You can ask questions and get my professional recommendations. Book that here:

Optimal Dwelling Spaces LLC Professional EMF Inspector

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2023

Hi Shane,

I tried to click the image to check out the recommended white noise machine but it doesn't take me anywhere to purchase. Can you send the brand name, so I can look it up? I have one that looks similar to this, but is rechargeable. If I charge it, and run it on the battery when being used, that is better than having it plugged in, correct?

Thank you!

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