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Morozko Forge Cold Plunge: Biohacker's Guide to EMF Safety

Hi! I’m Shane Reilly, a professional EMF (electromagnetic field) inspector and certified Building Biologist. I’ve worked in this field since 2017 in hundreds of homes, vehicles, and offices. I do this work across the US, and I have also helped thousands of people via online consulting.

During a recent home EMF inspection in Portland, OR, I had an excellent opportunity to evaluate a very high-end home cold plunge from Morozko Forge for EMF radiation.

After shelling out $12k for this cold plunge, it's easy to understand why my client was eager to find out what kind of EMF profile it had. I couldn't blame them either, I'd want to make sure I was getting my money's worth in terms of therapeutic benefit from something that expensive.

Morozko Forge Cold Plunge

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Health Benefits of the Cold Plunge

Getting into cold water for therapeutic benefit has been a human practice for thousands of years. There is a growing amount of research into the health benefits of this practice. Many so called "biohackers" have taken up the practice of getting into cold water. It's so popular that companies like Morozko Forge are able to produce and sell cold plunge units costing as much as some cars. I would recommend you listen to Andrew Huberman's podcast series on Deliberate Cold Exposure to learn more.

Health Damage from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

EMF radiation has been increasing around us since the 1890 World's Fair where the light bulb and AC electric motor were introduced.

Research into how our bodies are affected by these fields became substantial as early as the 1950s when NASA got ahold of a Russian compilation of research that was already a decade old. That paper showed dozens of harmful health effects across virtually all body systems. you can review some more recent research here.

The point is that manmade EMF represent an alien form of energy to this planet, and to our bodies.

Health Research Blind Spot

To be effective, and to get funding, scientific experiments have to be very specific. Tight control of many variables in an experiment is required to isolate a specific effect. And although researchers can show various health benefits from cold plunging, or using an infrared sauna, it's not practical to do a study comparing the health benefits of a biohacking activity against the health damage from the EMF exposure.

Because of this, it's really up to us to determine how much therapeutic benefit we might get from something versus how much EMF radiation we will be exposed to. At a minimum, you'll want to test the strength of EMF, and calculate how much time you'll be around it. If you are more sensitive, it will take less time for negative effects to kick in.

cold plunge

How Much EMF Radiation does a Morozko Forge Cold Plunge Emit?

Check out my video recap of the tests I put this unit through during a recent home evaluation:

How to Reduce EMF Radiation in your Cold Plunge

Ensuring that your cold plunge is as healthy as possible is relatively easy, but may require you stop using some of its features while you are in it. Here's my professional recommendations for maximizing the therapeutic benefit you get from yours. Some of these were mentioned in the video above, some were not.

  1. Unplug the unit from electrical power when using

  2. Situate the unit roughly 3' away from walls with electrical wires, and large appliances.

  3. Keep Microwave radiation out of your biohacking space. This includes cellular, WiFi, BlueTooth

  4. Setup your cold plunge outside, in an appropriate spot, so that you can get natural healthy sunlight in your eyes and on your skin while you are in it.

  5. Test Test Test! Get a basic EMF meter and evaluate the environment around your unit, as well as the unit itself. Take Measurements for RF, AC electric, AC magnetic with your cold plunge plugged in and unplugged. See if you can identify the biggest sources of EMF nearby and eliminate them.

For help addressing EMF in your environment, take advantage of my free intro call. It's a great place to start:

Optimal Dwelling Spaces LLC professional EMF Inspector

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