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What are the Benefits of Cold Thermogenesis?

Also known as CT or ice bathing, this is a popular biohack these days, and for good reason!  Check out these health benefits:  

1) Aids Fat Burning

2) Fights Inflammation

3) May Support Longevity

4) Strengthens the Nervous System

5) May Support and Speed up Recovery

6) Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

7) Improves Sleep Quality

8) Strengthens the Immune System

9) Combats Oxidative Stress

10) Reduces Pain

*Over 40 studies that corroborate the claims above can be found in the excellent piece over at Selfhacked blog:


This ice bathing process involves submerging most of your body in water, generally 55 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler to promote many different positive health effects.  Water also behaves like a faraday cage and will shield you from EMF pollution like 5G, power lines, and smart meters.  


It has been used by professional athletes for decades and ancient cultures for millennia.  I feel reinvigorated after a polar plunge and the anti-inflammatory effects are readily apparent.  
























It's probably easier than you think to get started; just get to the river, lake, or ocean and acclimate slowly.   Eat a moderate sized meal, and consume high-latitude water (Voss or Icelandic) beforehand.  


Sometimes the ocean, rivers, lakes are too cold or too far away.  So check out my Youtube video below outlining the DIY setup including product links. Its easier than you might think!  And 'ice bath' is a bit of a misnomer, research shows that you only have to be in water approximately 55 degrees F to experience the many benefits of this biohack.  

Connecting to natural, healthy EMFs is just as important as eliminating artificial EMFs in your home.  The best results in healing can be had when you pay attention to both types of EMFs and optimize the time you spend around each.

ice bathing in the river
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