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Seattle EMF Testing Services

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

EMF (electromagnetic fields) are an invisible force that surround us all day long. They come from many sources, including cell phones, computers, power lines, appliances, WiFi, and more. EMF levels vary depending on the quality of our home electrical wiring, how many tech devices we have, as well as external sources like power lines and cell phone towers.

No matter what Seattle neighborhood you live in, EMF can be a part of your home environment.

Why Should I Test My Home for EMF?

Did you know that EMF's impacts on health have been studied since the 1930's? By this point, there are thousands of studies calling into question the safety of having more and more of these fields around us all the time. Just check out the Bio-Initiative Report for more info. In fact, links to diseases like cancer, and damage to reproductive systems are but a few of the concerning data researchers are finding.

Even if you are relatively healthy right now, EMF can have a big impact on performance. This artificial energy will drain your body of stamina and resilience, just like when you drive under large power lines and your radio loses reception. EMF will reduce sleep quality, overall energy, and ability to think and perform at your best.

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Since so much time is spent in your home or apartment, it makes sense to get the EMF exposures reduced as much as possible. You can't always control the EMF exposure while at work or school, but your home is a different story. And don't worry, I'm not trying to send anyone back to the Stone Age. In fact, there are proven ways to use technology and electronics in safer ways. I use these techniques everyday with my clients.

For example, here is a video I took of a 5G tower I found just down the street from a client’s Seattle townhome. Without an EMF inspection they may never have known it was there (5G antennas are very small), nor would they have known how much of it was getting through the walls into their space. Now their eyes have been opened and they know what areas of the home to shield against this threat.

What Does an EMF Inspection Do?

An EMF inspection helps you understand the EMF profile for your space. How much is coming from your wiring and electronics, and how much is coming from outside like the neighbor's WiFi, power lines, or cell towers.

But the greatest value in the home inspection is my remediation recommendations on how to fix your excessive EMF exposures. This report will be custom-built for your home, and prioritized so that you can put your attention to fixing the most impactful concerns first.

Testing a Seattle Area Home Electrical Panel
Testing a Seattle Area Home Electrical Panel

How Long Does an EMF Test Take?

The testing is extremely comprehensive and will address issues inside as well as around your home. Apartments and townhomes generally take 2-3 hours, with 2,000 square foot home in the 4-6 hour range.

How Much Does an EMF Inspection Cost?

Pricing for a home EMF test is based upon the square footage and number of bedrooms. Please send me an email or DM with this information, the address, and I'll get back to your shortly with a quote.

I also offer many other types of EMF consulting, including a FREE discovery call , for all budgets and interest levels. Visit my services page for more info.

When Can I Expect Results?

At the end of the inspection, we will sit down to discuss the top-line results. During that discussion, I'll have a handful of recommendations you can begin implementing immediately. Beyond that, within roughly 3 business days I will distill all of the data from the inspection into a digestible report and custom remediation plan.

I also include 3-months of unlimited contact with me as you begin to work through the remediation recommendations. I can be involved in this process as much, or as little, as you like.


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