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How to Use Your iPhone Safely: The Ultimate EMF Hack

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Hi! I'm an EMF inspector working with clients to identify and reduce harmful EMF radiation exposures in their lives. I'm all about practical solutions that work, are easy to pull off, and allow you to get the benefits from technology while reducing the downsides.

As technology continues to advance, concerns about the potential health risks of electromagnetic fields (EMF) have grown. If you're worried about the EMF radiation emitted by your cell phone, this hack is going to make your life easier, and healthier!

Is my Cell Phone Harmful?

Cell phones emit two types of harmful EMF radiation: Radiofrequency, and Light. These two forms of artificial radiation are solidly linked to health problems like cancer, infertility, diabetes, and macular degeneration. You can read more about that here. To make matters worse, your cell phone is very close to your body, which makes the radiation you are exposed to even stronger.

How Much Radiofrequency Radiation Does an iPhone Emit?

Your cell phone sends and receives information with wireless (radiofrequency) radiation.

Today's phones are very high powered with 4G, LTE and 5G frequencies. Don't forget WiFi and BlueTooth frequencies as well. Here's how much my phone emits with airplane mode off and on.

iPhone microwave radiation levels
iPhone microwave radiation levels- very high! 1.25 MILLION microwatts per square meter

Building Biology Exposure Guidelines
Is 1.25 million microwatts bad? Yes, it is 'extreme' according to Building Biology Institute

iPhone microwave radiation levels in airplane mode
iPhone microwave radiation levels in airplane mode- very low! Just 1.04 microwatts per square meter

So now we know that your cell phone blasts you with huge amounts of radiation around the clock! It makes a lot of sense to reduce the amount of time you are being blasted, by turning the WiFi, BlueTooth and cellular antennas off from time to time. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of your phone doesn't make that easy to do. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Keep reading to find out how I do this with the push of just one button 🤘

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Artificial Light

The second type of EMF pollution coming out of your phone is light. Most people don't realize that light is a form of EMF radiation as well. The artificial kind, from LED bulbs and tech screens, can hurt your health and sleep, even causing cancer and diabetes. Don't believe me? Check these out:

How Much Blue Light Does an iPhone Emit?

iPhone blue light emissions
Huge spike of blue light from an iPhone!

It's incredibly important to note that light up to about 565 nm (the numbers at the bottom of the graph in the image above), will hurt your sleep quality by delaying the release of melatonin, an important hormone for scavenging cancer cells and ensuring good sleep.

So it is important to cut that type of light off from your eyes after the sun sets. And the good news is, my iPhone hack does just that at the push of a button. Or you can set it up to automagically happen when the sun sets, and to go back to 'normal' blue screen upon sunrise.

Here's the much healthier light output using our night time mode in the Ultimate iPhone EMF Hack:

iPhone hack night mode
iPhone Hack Night Mode- no more blue/green light!

So there you have it- cell phones really are harming your health...

What is the Ultimate iPhone EMF Hack?

I've developed an awesome hack that can make managing the harmful EMF from your phone much, much easier. You can easily install it in a few minutes. Using this hack will reduce your exposure to phone EMF and improve your sleep and health. Check out these benefits:

  • Just one button to turn the wireless radiation (cellular, WiFi, BlueTooth) from your iPhone ON or OFF.

  • Just one button to turn the toxic blue light from your phone ON or OFF.

  • Automagically stop blue light from your phone at sunset, then back on at sunrise.

  • Automagically reduce screen brightness after the sun goes down.

Here's a video walk through:

Where Can I Get the Ultimate iPhone Hack?

If you're looking for a similar solution for your laptop or Android phone, see below for some options. These aren't my products, and the links will take you away from this website.

*****Please do me a favor and post this to your social media or send this article to people you know far and wide, right now, while its still on top of your mind. I want this hack to help as many people as possible. Also, take a screen shot of the Circadian Control Panel on your phone and tag me @ODspaces on Twitter or Instagram so I can see and retweet! Thank you very much.*****

Shane Reilly EMF Consultant

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