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What to Expect When You're Expecting... a Home EMF Assessment

Updated: May 3

EMF testing is a terrific step on your journey to optimal health. It will reveal the invisible energy pollution all modern electrified environments have, and educate you on how they effect your family, as well as what you can do to mitigate them and optimize the environment. It is a totally empowering experience! Schedule your free discovery call today, book your Inspection, or read on to learn more about the process.

A wide range of people reach out to me to schedule their home assessment, here are the most common reasons:

  • Simple curiosity about the presence of electromagnetic fields in their homes.

  • Recent diagnosis of electrohypersensitivity syndrome (EHS), lyme, fibromyalgia, or other disease processes.

  • Recommendation of a doctor, naturopath, or other practitioner.

  • Sudden onset of unexplained, debilitating symptoms like poor sleep quality, aches/pains, rashes, inflammations, brain fog, headache, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and others.

  • Considering renting or purchasing a home or apartment, and concerned about nearby power lines, cell tower, or simply wanting to select a healthy space for their family.

Oh, and folks do reach out about yurts, Sprinter vans, offices and many other interesting environments, so for the sake of brevity I will just use the blanket term 'space' in this blog.

There are many reasons to have a home EMF assessment performed, and you can always schedule a complimentary discovery phone call with me if you have question: Schedule

The Modern Electrified Environment

The increase in number of appliances and tech gadgets on the market over the last few decades has been staggering. I've seen reports that the average home now has at least 17 connected devices. Whether it's the electricity that flows through them, or the energy they emit to connect, we know from the laws of physics that these gadgets produce invisible, energetic pollution into our spaces.

How about an example? Here is a short read on cell phones and why they are problematic to our health. Now imagine for a second the wide variety of other devices and appliances in your space, each emitting its own EMF profile and adding to the toxic symphony of invisible energetic pollution. There is probably a great deal going on in your space that you are not aware of!

During my studies and time in people's homes, I have discovered that the way we use these devices has a massive impact on our health. In fact, learning new "EMF hygiene" can allow us to harness the ways technology enhances our lives, while reducing the negative impacts. An EMF assessment of your space will reveal ways to practice healthier EMF hygiene.

I truly believe you can't get well in the space you got sick in.

In this modern world, maintaining health, as well as healing from disease or injury, requires making changes. Not just to your diet, or supplements, or lifestyle, but also to the energetics of spaces where you spend most of your time. You can spend a lot of money on books, doctors, and pills, only to have positive effects nullified by a toxic space. An EMF assessment will provide the insight and expertise you need to transform your space from toxic to healing.

Incorporation of an EMF specialist is part of a wider strategy for pursuit of optimal health, which involves experts like doctors, environmentalists (mold, air quality), fitness, nutrition, meditation etc.

What types of EMF pollution will be assessed?

My training allows me to specialize in identifying and mitigating the following major types of EMF pollution:

  • AC Electric

  • Dirty Electricity (EMI)

  • AC Magnetic

  • Radiofrequency (RF)

  • Toxic Light Frequencies

All of these manmade frequencies have been thoroughly researched and there is strong reason to be concerned about their effects on all cellular life.

home wiring runs

So, what does an actual EMF assessment of your space look like?

  • My first goal is to understand your situation. What led you to reach out? Who is affected? How are they affected? What other experts are you working with? What would you like to tell me about your situation?

  • Next, I will establish an EMF baseline with you, accomplished by sitting down to review my 'EMF 101' document. It is a great time to ask questions and take notes.

  • After that, I will request a quick tour of all areas of the space, including location of the circuit breaker panel.

  • From there, it is time to move about the exterior and interior of the house to begin assessing power densities for all of the major EMF types. Special attention will be paid to areas of extended use such as bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.

At some point, I will experiment with manipulation of circuit breakers being on and off, as well as all communicating devices like WiFi router, TVs, phones, and BlueTooth devices. Why do I spend the time doing this? Well, strangely enough, disabling devices and circuit breakers in certain configurations at certain times of the day, particularly sleeping times, is one of the easiest and most economical ways to create an optimal low EMF environment.

Please discuss this process with those that live with you. In this day and age of working and schooling from home, an EMF inspection can be disruptive, particularly for those that aren't prepared for how it works.

Along those same lines, other contractors should not be scheduled at the same time as an EMF inspection.

This entire process can take 3-4 hours for a 2,500 square foot home, and beyond for larger. You are welcome to follow me throughout the assessment as you have interest, or you can go about your business and I will check in when I find something that would be valuable for you to see. At the end of my assessment, I will give you a brief overview of findings.

exterior survey


Once the assessment is complete, I will distill the findings into an info-packed professional summary report within 5 business days. I will combine the data from my pre-research into your local area, with my in-home findings. It will show you Building Biology guidelines for the major EMF types, and how your space measured up, so that you can compare.

The report will also contain prioritized recommendations for what you can do to reduce or eliminate the pollution. I highly recommend you print out the report, mark it up with your questions, and discuss with your family as appropriate for their input. The report can contain a lot of information to go over, so take your time! When you are ready, please schedule your complimentary follow-up call with me. I want to make sure that everything is clear and you feel empowered on making the recommended changes.

Remediation Recommendations

The report will provide you many actionable steps to optimize your environment. I do my best to include free or low-cost options as much as possible. However, many times specialty materials such as shielding fabrics or paint will be recommended. There is cost associated with them. Many times, I do have relationship with the manufacturer and can provide you with a discount code. As far as the installation goes, I can guide you, or your preferred contractor, in the implementation of these items. I will only recommended products that have been verified and vetted by sources I trust, and have used for my clients to good effect. It is always recommended to verify results after you install any shielding products.

In certain situations, the services of an electrician or other professional will be recommended as part of the remediation. I do have preferred vendors on file.

And Onward...

My support for your journey to develop and maintain an optimal dwelling space does not end once the home assessment and follow-up call are completed. I am an ongoing resource for clients to answer questions, help in searching for potential new properties, and ensure they are educated about the ever changing landscape of EMF in the modern world.

So are you ready to level up in your optimal health journey? Let's move forward together on this road!

Schedule your home EMF inspection or FREE discovery call with Optimal Dwelling Spaces Now!

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