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EMF Travel Blog: Cabo Pulmo B.C.S

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

A spinning coin

As discussed in my webinar with Dr. Anne Hill, reducing your exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution is only one side of the optimal health coin. The other side is all about connecting to native, or natural EMFs. Think of these as 'Mother Nature' if you like, but we are talking about:

  • The sun

  • The natural night and day light/dark cycle

  • The Schumann Resonance

  • Fresh air

  • Earthing

All life developed under the influence of these natural EMFs, and they are health-promoting.

Full spectrum sunlight is the primary driver of health, due to vitamin D and other crucial compounds being produced when it hits our skin. Unfortunately, for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, we do not get full spectrum sunlight during the winter. In fact, if you are above the 37th latitude, you are also severely lacking in this type of light.

winter full spectrum sun cutoff map

It only took me one trip past this line during winter months to feel the profound benefit full spectrum sunlight can have. I was hooked! I began to change my thinking about winter travel from 'vacations are expensive' to 'investment in optimal health span'. Now these trips are part of my winter regiment to stay optimal, and avoid becoming an annuity for medical and pharmaceutical industries.

the pharmaceutical industry does not create cures it creates customers

So, I would like to share one of my favorite places to travel to during the winter! It is a great place to find full-spectrum sunshine, and all of the other natural EMFs mentioned above. Plus, it is very low in population density and therefore has a much lower EMF pollution exposure than where you probably spend your time. It is also very affordable compared to fancy resorts.

This place is called Cabo Pulmo, and is located at the southern end of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez.

Approximately 90 minutes outside of Los Cabos, you can get there by shuttle or with a rental car. I've used Cactus rental car and have been happy with their service.

Not too long ago, Cabo Pulmo was overfished, and the reef and most marine life died off in the area. Check out the video at the end for the story of how it was brought back to life. Nowadays, it is a marine ecological reserve. The snorkeling and diving is beautiful!

view from the beach in Cabo Pulmo

cellular tower on top of the hill in Cabo Pulmo
Our recent rental home - gorgeous!

Cabo Pulmo is off-grid, meaning that electricity is provided to the homes via solar panels, not the utility power grid. This is extremely positive for those seeking low-EMF exposure, but it is not without concerns to be aware of.

Solar panels
solar panels provide power

solar inverter creating dirty electricity
Inverters create EMF concerns

Solar energy from the sun is direct-current or DC. DC EMFs are not generally a big concern for health or those that are electrosensitive. However, it is the conversion of DC power to AC via a (micro)inverter found in all solar array systems that opens the door to deleterious effects of manmade EMF exposure. Most appliances are built to use AC power, so even in a home completely powered by solar, like in Cabo Pulmo, AC EMF exposures are present. That said, homes in CP are very simple, with few circuits and limited runs of electrical wiring. This means that there are less overall exposures than a home stateside. Still, a simple conversation with your host prior to booking will allow you to request the circuits to at least the bedroom be turned off during sleeping hours.

Measuring wireless radiation levels
Ambient RFR levels in Cabo Pulmo- extremely low

Another concern for those seeking the benefits of a reducing manmade EMF exposures while on vacation is certainly the wireless communication frequencies. In Cabo Pulmo, you will find WiFi in most homes and businesses. There is also a simple cell tower on the hill overlooking the town. However, compared to typical exposures to this pollution type stateside, or at the big resorts in nearby San Jose del Cabo, the levels are extremely low. The population density of this area is very low, and supporting wireless infrastructure is simple, and outdated. A simple conversation with your host about turning off the WiFi router as needed is easy to do and highly recommended. By the way, here are the two essential meter-kit options I recommend.

protecting myself from artificial light with blue blocking glasses
Light pollution in Cabo Pulmo solved by blue blockers!

EMR-Tek panel lighting up the palapa
hacking the light environment with my EMR-Tek red light

The worst aspect of manmade EMF pollution in CP is artificial light. Even so, the low population density, and simple supporting infrastructure means that artificial light is localized to the homes and businesses around town. Street lights are extremely limited, and walking along the streets at night, or stepping out onto your balcony yields an immense amount of stars in the sky. For areas where you are exposed to the nasty light from LED and fluorescent bulbs, make sure to pack your blue blockers! Problem solved.

Now that we have sorted out how to hack the EMF pollution in CP, let's get on to the good stuff- pictures of all the goodness Mother Nature has to offer in this beautiful paradise!

sunrise on the beach
Playing in the ocean during sunrise

smiling at sunset
Enjoying the sunset with my daughter

standing by the red door
vibrant colors, and people

making dinner with fresh fish
My partner Kat making magic in the kitchen with fresh fish and produce

playing in the mountain stream
A day-trip into the mountains

hiking in the hills
considering the view on a cloudy-day hike

epic sunrise
Oh, the colors!

sunrise fixing my circadian rhythm
And there it is, circadian rhythm synchronization

on the beach at sunrise
experiencing the sunrise with your partner is a game-changer

The easiest way for me to describe the effect of finding a place that promotes all the beneficial EMFs while reducing the negative ones, is that my battery feels charged up. While in Mexico, I begin to feel improved energy levels, clearer thinking, elimination of aches and pains, more positive mood, and many other benefits. I can relax a bit, and take perspective on my work, goals, and relationships. When I return home, these are lasting effects that help me be more optimal in many areas of my life.

I am now persuaded that optimal health lies in the environments that you create for yourself. Let me encourage you to invest in creating better environments in your life, at home or abroad!

soaking up solar energy
Charging my battery in the afternoon sun








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