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What are Healthy EMFS?

Peaks Above Clouds

Did you know that some EMFs (electromagnetic fields) can be healthy for you?  


It's true, the natural ones are healthy to be in and around.   What do I mean by 'natural'?  This is a group of EMFs that can be found virtually anywhere on planet Earth:

  • Sunlight

  • Ground/Earth

  • Water

Sometimes you can connect with all three at once, as I'm demonstrating in the picture below!





For the most part, the way energy moves through these mediums and fields is health promoting.  Their effects will help you regenerate, shield and become more resilient against artificial EMFs such as:

  • 5G

  • WiFi

  • Smart Meters

  • Power Lines

  • Artificial Lighting

Click on the tiles below for the basics on natural EMFs and how to incorporate their benefits into your life.  

Winter swimming. Woman in frozen lake ice hole. Swimmers wellness in icy water. How to swi
Earthing, grounding
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