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Protect your circadian biology with stylish blue blockers with BPI tints (industry standard), blocking frequencies of light below 460 nanometers.   Ideal for when working in front of screens and manmade lighting during daytime hours.  


For nighttime blue blocking, see our other item, After Dark Blue Blockers.  


Volume discounts available, email us @ optimaldwellingspaces@gmail.com for more details 

Daytime Blue Blockers

$125.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • -------Ordering Instructions-------

    1. New frames: Order any frame from zennioptical.com, and ship directly to me (shipping info is below). CR-39 lenses, the industry standard, are included for free with the purchase of any frame, and can be ordered without a prescription.

    DO NOT add any additional tints or effects to the lens (anti-scratch, glare, etc...); these will inhibit my blue-blocking tint.  Also, please note the 'blue blocking' treatment offered by Zenni is completely ineffective for protecting your sleep.  Clear lenses cannot block the required frequencies of light.  
    2. For an existing frame: Take it to your local optometrist and request to have a CR-39 lens made for your frame. Then, ship it to my address.
    3. If you have a prescription: CR-39 only covers prescriptions from +2.00 to -2.00. Anything beyond that uses polycarbonate lenses, which I am not currently able to tint. Check back with me at optimaldwellingspaces@gmail.com to receive updates if you have a prescription beyond this range

    For any of the above frame types, be sure to email me (optimaldwellingspaces@gmail.com) the order information below.

    I Ship Internationally to All Countries.

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    --------Shipping Instructions-------

    Ship your lenses to: Optimal Dwelling Spaces LLC

    2182 Glenmorrie Drive

    Lake Oswego, OR