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Are you experiencing unexplained symptoms like:

Brain fog

Poor Sleep

Ringing in the ears


Body Aches

Blurred Vision

Eye Strain


Skin Rashes

Have nutrition, supplements, exercise, or even visits to the doctor failed to improve these symptoms? Then it is past time for you to investigate the invisible toxins in today's world known as EMFs (electromagnetic fields).  


EMFs are all around us every hour of the day.  They come from devices that use power or send a signal.  And just like driving under power lines can interfere with your radio reception, so can EMFs interfere with your body's complex electrical systems. 


Here are some of the worst sources of EMFs:

  • 5G and LTE cellular towers

  • Cell phones

  • WiFi and connected devices like laptops and TVs

  • BlueTooth devices (Apple AirPods)

  • 'Smart' devices (electrical meters, home security, thermostats, digital assistants...)

  • Power lines

  • Home electrical wiring errors

  • Artificial Lighting (LED and fluorescent bulbs)

How many of the items on that list are in or around your house?

If you are like most people these days, your home probably has dozens of these devices, and a few external sources like nearby cell tower or power lines.  That's typically what I encounter in my client's homes.

So what's the big deal?  Technology makes our lives better, right?

While technology can make our lives better, there is a risky downside to be aware of.  Ph.D. researcher Magda Havas estimate that up to 50% of the population experiences symptoms of what is now being called electro-hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).  This condition is now recognized as a disability by some European nations and one case in the California court system in 2021.  Many of the common symptoms of EHS are listed at the top of this page.


Even moderate EHS can rob you of

energy and performance every day!


Dr Havas also estimates that 3-5% of the population is severely debilitated by EMF, to the point where they can't hold a job outside the home, or be around electronics in general.  These people actually exist, I work with them all the time.  It's not just a clever TV meme. 

Even if you don't feel sensitive to EMF, these artificial energies are still working behind the scenes to stress your body, steal resources, and ultimately lead to health impacts like diabetes, fertility issues, and cancer.  

I'm Concerned, But What Can I Do About EMF?

It's common for people to feel some concern and desire to give their home and family EMF protection, but not know where to start.


As a Building Biologist specializing in EMF detection and remediation, I can help you solve the EMF puzzle, quickly and decisively.

  • Cut through the internet noise and learn what really matters about EMF

  • Learn how to use technology more safely to reduce the EMF downside

  • Regain your sleep quality and energy

EMF home inspection

Get Your Home Professionally Inspected for EMF!

Improve Your Health and Performance

What do my Clients Have to Say?

catherine allard.jpg

I reached out to Shane at Optimal Dwelling Spaces after discovering I had a hypersensitivity to EMF. His EMF 101 orientation, the in-home assessment, the very detailed report (with helpful pictures, and also links to products that will help with EMF pollution reduction) received within a week, and the follow up phone call were all well worth the value of cost of service. In our time with him, Shane was calm, thoughtful, and really helped us to see a way forward without feeling too overwhelmed by all of the new information. It is clear that he truly cares about his work and about the well-being of his clients!

Why Should I Have my Home Inspected for EMF?

  • All electronic devices emit EMF

  • You are exposed to this environmental toxin around the clock

  • EMF creates a stress response in your body

  • Medical Research links EMF exposure to disease

  • You can't taste, smell, hear or see EMF

  • I will show you safer ways to use technology and be around electronics

  • The inspection will identify action steps to reduce exposures and improve your health, sleep and performance

  • Ongoing support after the inspection

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Download my free EMF 101 GUIDE and learn the answers to these important questions:

What is an Electromagnetic Field (EMF)?

What Are the Most Common EMFs Found in my Home?

What Are the Health Consequences from EMF Exposure?


What is Electro Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS)?

What to Expect During and After an EMF Home Inspection?

Why choose Optimal Dwelling Spaces?

Shane has worked with hundreds of clients since 2017 across Oregon, Washington and Idaho, plus many others online.  In every case, he helped them identify the problem areas in their homes and guided them through the remediation process.  He has deep knowledge of EMF-pollution, empathy for those suffering from electro-sensitivities, and is very approachable, even for those that are skeptical of EMFs.  

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