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blue blocking glasses style A

Blue Blocking Glasses

Blue blocking glasses work by helping your body align with the natural light/dark rhythm of the earth and sun.  By blocking artificial forms of light from light bulbs and tech screens (very high in bio-active blue and green colors), our body is able to tune into nature and regulate itself towards sleep. 

this is primarily done via allowing melatonin to be released at the proper time (after sunset).  When your eyes see blue/green light after dark, melatonin release is suppressed multiple hours, giving it less time to work while you sleep.  Melatonin is critical in performing autophagy and apoptosis in your body which find and scavenge cancerous growths.  

Don't be deceived, clear glasses advertised as 'blue blocking' are a sham.  You must have very orange or red lenses to block the appropriate frequencies of light.  Red lenses are most effective.  

Please leave us a note when checking out on which style you would like shipped, style A or style B (see images for what they look like).

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    Please leave a note in the checkout page with which style you would like shipped, style A or style B.

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