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Updated: Apr 28

Warning signs

On a recent home inspection for EMF pollution, the homeowner mentioned something strange about a neighbor's ADU. She described a little 'hut' with strange warning signs on it. This piqued my interest, so we went outside to take a look. The photo above shows what we encountered upon closer inspection of the hut and were quite reminiscent of those seen on a cellular antenna install. This was initially confusing as we could not see any type of antenna anywhere nearby. Taking a few steps back, you can see what we saw in the picture below.

strange construction

After observing the scene for a short while, two thoughts occurred. First, the chimney seemed to be placed strangely (i.e. directly above a window), and was quite oversized relative to the building size. Second, there was some type of wood-sheathed conduit running from the hut with all the warnings up the side of the ADU towards the roof (and chimney). A theory started to form in my head that the chimney must be a facade hiding an array of cell antennas. To confirm, I measured the Radiofrequency radiation (RFR) and found it to be 876,000 μW/m2, which is 8.76 MILLION times above the guidelines established by the Building Biology institute! That was the nail in coffin on naming this to be a hidden cellular antenna array. Unfortunately, this array was less than 50 feet from my client's home, and closest to their daughter's bedroom. Inside their beautiful home, the RF radiation was also found to be extremely high. Although shielding options are available, with such a strong, close source of EMF pollution, I advised that it would be quite expensive to apply shielding materials to their entire roofline and street side wall of their large home. They are now looking at moving to a safer area, as discussions with their neighbor did not provide much hope of removing this hazard.

I'm sharing this story in hopes that it will motivate you to keep your head up and be aware of your environment. It is always changing. There could be EMF pollution hazards hiding in close proximity near your home, office, or other places you frequent. Our consumeristic society's insatiable appetite for technology has allowed the cell industry and other technology companies to steamroll over local resistance and governing bodies, with their polished and shiny marketing/lobbying efforts.

If you ever have questions about something in your environment, if your intuition points something out to you, take action!

A great place to start is to have your own set of meters that will detect RFR and AC electric/magnetic fields. I can recommend excellent options, as well as provide you with a discount code.

Alternatively, you can consult with Optimal Dwelling Spaces, either on the phone or on site. We specialize in identifying EMF pollution and recommending effective mitigations.

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