Are EMFs the new smoking?!

Oregon and Washington's premier electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution consultant.

Are you experiencing unexplained symptoms like:

Brain fog

Ringing in the ears


Body Aches

Blurred Vision

Eye Strain


Have nutrition, supplements, exercise, or even visits to the doctor failed to improve these issues? Then it is past time for you to investigate the invisible toxins in today's world known as EMFs.  We are here to help you identify and reduce these ghostly poisons to create truly optimal spaces in your life and get back on the road to better health.

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Identification of EMF Pollution

Discover the invisible pollution lurking in your home, office, car or other dwelling space via our professional inspection services.  Learn how you can reduce or eliminate the harmful frequencies to improve your health.  

  • Toxic Lighting

  • Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation

  • Magnetic Fields

  • Electric Fields

  • Dirty Electricity


Custom Blue Blocking Glasses

 Experience the benefits of reducing the harmful frequencies of blue light you are being exposed to every day.  Pick the frames you like, and we will convert them into effective blue blockers.